MATCHLOCK End Matched Paneling

Premium Ash Matchlock


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Match-Lock Premium End-Matched Paneling is a solid wood interior paneling with 4-sided tongue & groove edges that 'Match & Lock' together enhancing the natural beauty of Matchlock Jointthe wood with the detail of custom craftsmanship.  More than just good looks, Matchlock adds supplemental structural strength and dimensional stability with its interlocking ends. Available in:  Ash, Aspen, Cedar, Birch, Oak and our Signature Pine.  Strength and Beauty made Simple.


Birch Matchlock
Birch MatchLock PanelingSpecies:  Birch

Matchlock Pine Ceiling

Species:  Pine

Matchlock Premium Ash

Species:  Ash

Premium Cedar Matchlock

Species: Cedar

Matchlock Premium Pine

Species: Pine